Health Plan of San Joaquin | Focus Your Health | Winter 2023

Medi-Cal eligibility checks: Be prepared for your renewal Do not lose your health coverage Has your address or phone number changed? Make sure to give your new information to your local Medi-Cal office. If you get requests from Medi-Cal or HPSJ regarding your health coverage, respond quickly to the requests for information. Open and read all mail and turn in any required forms. Return them via mail or in person to your local Medi-Cal office. If your coverage changes, you will get a notice from the Medi-Cal office. Things you should always report to Medi-Cal: ● Income ● Disability ● Change in mailing address ● If someone in your home becomes pregnant ● If someone moves into your home How to make changes and get more information: You can make changes online or in person. You can also call, email or fax your county office. You can find a listing at You can find more information and update your information here: ● ● ● -Medi-Cal.aspx You can also call HPSJ for assistance with your Annual Renewal at 888.896.7526, option 3, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 6 Focus Your Health