Health Plan of San Joaquin | Focus Your Health | Winter 2023

This type of transportation cannot be guaran- teed. First, your doctor has to fill out a form that shows you meet certain medical needs. You can have this form faxed to your doctor if you call HPSJ Customer Service at 209.942.6305 or 888.936.7526. Once your doctor returns the form, HPSJ can give you a list of transportation numbers you can call for a ride to all of your medical appointments. It would be best to give us at least 7 to 10 days’ notice before you need this type of ride so that you do not miss your appointment. A drug list is a list of medica- tions (meds) your doctor can use that will be covered by Medi-Cal. It lists safe and help- ful meds that offer the best value without sacrificing quality of care. To see what meds are on the drug list, you can: ● Use the online search tool at member/drug-lookup ● Download a copy of the drug Need wheelchair van or gurney transportation? A few helpful hints list at member/forms-information under the “Covered Products Lists” tab. ● Call the Medi-Cal Rx Customer Service department at 800.977.2273, which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. As a Medi-Cal member, you pay nothing for outpatient meds and some over-thecounter meds (OTC) if the three reasons below are met: 1 The med(s) is(are) listed in Medi-Cal’s drug list. 2 The med(s) is(are) prescribed by a doctor. 3 The med(s) is(are) picked up at a pharmacy that works with Medi-Cal Rx. Are your meds covered? Focus Your Health 3